Porcelanosa Group is a Spanish multinational company comprised of seven integral brands. Collectively, they are international market leaders in the manufacture of ceramic wall and floor tiles, kitchens, bathroom products, facades and technical solutions. With its pioneering research, state-of-the-art building solutions, and a diverse product line, the Porcelanosa Group has a fresh and imaginative approach to design.

Porcelanosa Group

Porcelanosa showroom was transformed into a boutique hotel concept and features lighting by LZF.

Spanish architect and LZF collaborator Ramón Esteve worked last year with Porcelanosa to design one of its showrooms in Vila-real, Castellón. The architect has worked previously with Noken and L’Antic Colonial, two Porcelanosa Group companies, to develop a series of bathroom designs. Esteve reformulated the concept of the Porcelanosa Group showroom, converting it into a boutique hotel with a smart biophilic design: a means of reconnecting people and nature within the built environment, biophilic design translates elements originating from nature into designs that improve health and wellbeing.

Ramón Esteve

The Thesis floor lamp is part of the hotel’s biophilic design.

As an accomplished architect and designer, Ramón Esteve searches for a number of constants within his work, including: harmony, serenity, timelessness, atmosphere, universality, and contextualisation. Such factors are represented throughout his latest project for Porcelanosa Group. In what is described as a ‘sensorial experience’, the Porcelanosa hotel seeks to increase awareness of sustainability in cities and highlight the importance of protecting the environment. 

Porcelanosa Group

LZF’s Black Note Keys suspension lamp.

The hotel concept includes a large waiting area, restaurant–cocktail bar, perfumery, and several main rooms. Porcelanosa utilises these spaces to showcase the various aesthetic possibilities and practical applications of its new collections. Esteve has made clever use of colour, texture, and lighting throughout the Porcelanosa hotel in order to create a series of apt experiences within each room. The architect also incorporated a number of his prepossessing lighting designs for LZF in the project: Thesis floor, Black Note Keys, and Black Note Triplet. With their natural handmade wood veneer shades and black or gold metal structure and canopy, Esteve’s lamps for LZF are in superlative harmony with the hotel’s overall design concept.

The Porcelanosa hotel’s biophilic design was conceived as a way of looking to the future through conceptual spaces created to improve well-being and foster social gatherings. Courtyards with natural lighting and freeze-dried vegetation work to introduce organic elements. Large video screens complement the physical setting, enabling Porcelanosa to modify the atmosphere in any space depending on the context. The result is impressive, decorative, and inviting: a hotel concept that showcases the best of Porcelanosa Group’s designs, alongside some rather handsome luminaires.

Porcelanosa Group

LZF’s Black Note Triplet suspension lamp.

Ramón Esteve’s lamps for LZF are in superlative harmony with the hotel’s overall design concept.

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