As a part of its new collection of novelties for 2020, LZF is introducing two new lamps: Tomo and the Lens wall fixture. Both lamps were designed by MUT, a Valencia-based, multidisciplinary design studio. MUT was established in 2010 by designers Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón.


In Tomo, we find a thoughtful and earnest lamp whose design is reminiscent of books placed side by side. Tomo is presented as a chain of wood veneer oblongs, with varying heights and widths. The resulting shapes are both graphic and geometric in form. Tomo is designed as a table lamp and a suspension lamp, with dimmable LED, and a light-filtering diffuser.

The Tomo table lamp.

Tomo. A delightfully bookish lamp.

The Tomo suspension light.

Lens wall

The new wall version of the Lens lamp incorporates an eye-catching central mirror. It is available in three shapes: circle, oval, and super oval. The lamp’s dimmable LED provides a soft, halo-like warmth. The new mirror fitting is an alluring addition, ensuring the Lens wall lamp will add a reflective depth to any space.

The new Lens wall in circle, oval, and super oval.

Adding reflective depth: the Lens wall oval.

We asked MUT about the designs for Tomo and the new Lens wall.

Tomo is the third lamp MUT has designed for LZF. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the design and where the name comes from?

(MUT) Tomo’s design and shape is inspired by books standing on a shelf. Its name—Tomo—is the Spanish word for ‘volume’.

Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón of MUT developing the Tomo lamp. Photo by Yosigo.

How do you envisage Tomo being used—did you have a particular audience in mind when designing the lamp?

(MUT) With its simple design, we see Tomo as a lamp that will work in contract spaces. The different sizes and colours are easily combined, and we can imagine finding Tomo in a bar, office, or restaurant, for example.

Making the Tomo lamp. Photos by Yosigo.

In a previous interview for LZF—about the Loop and Lens lamps—you’d remarked that you hoped these lamps would ‘rev up’ LZF’s catalogue. What did you mean by this and are you thinking the same about Tomo?

(MUT) Yes, we think of Tomo as moving in the same direction as our Loop and Lens lamps. These lamps enrich the LZF catalogue with simple and clean designs, fitting into many different spaces and attracting a broad range of customers.

The new wall version of the Lens lamp incorporates a mirror—how did that come about?

(MUT) The wall mirror version was a logical progression of the Lens lamp. When creating the Lens wall lamp, it was something we envisaged together with LZF—the use of a mirror within the fixture added value to the lamp.

A design in progress for the wall version of Lens.

What is MUT working on at the moment? Has the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown impacted and/or changed the way in which you work?

(MUT) We are currently working on new designs and on our capacity as art directors. With the pandemic and lockdown, honestly, we don’t feel we’ve been overly affected by it. Product design is typically slow in terms of development, and during the period of lockdown, the entire team worked from home. That said, there are times when we need to be in the same place in order to work on a project. But, there is less work at the moment owing to a stop on all projects connected to design fairs.

Imagining the Lens wall lamp.