Steak anyone? Because Meatico, a new Italian steakhouse showcasing a unique LZF wood lighting display, is open for business.

A modern steakhouse located in Altamura Italy, which fuses the traditional earth tones and smells of an American Steak house and combines them with the sleekness and refinement of Italian design. However what really makes this restaurant glow, is the fiery display of light and wood overhanging the bar, which sizzles the senses.

DressHome really did their homework when they selected 5 of LZF hottest lighting fixtures for this project. The combination of the Totem, Mini Mikado, Raindrops, Agatha and Poppy designed by Marivi Calvo draw the eye and really fire up the place. Buon appetito!

Architect: Maria Incampo

Photographer: Nicola Centoducati

lzf-wood-lamps-meatico-restaurant-contract lzf-wood-lamps-meatico-restaurant lzf-wood-lamps-project-contract-bar lzf-wood-lamps-restaurant-kitchen lzf-wood-lamps-restaurant-meatico