To mark its 30th anniversary, Casa Decor has returned to Madrid’s Salamanca district, the charming neighbourhood in which the prestigious event was born. Taking up residence at Calle Goya 89—in an archetypal Salamanca-style building constructed in 1920, on a street named after one of Spain’s most illustrious painters—Casa Decor once again sets the stage for an incredible showcase of interiors, design, and lifestyle trends.

Casa Decor

‘Utopia’ features Dune, Estela, and Eris. Photo by Nacho Uribesalazar.

For Casa Decor 2022, Imanol Calderón Elósegui and Marta Alonso Yebra of Madrid-based Mayice have collaborated with LZF to create ‘Utopia’, a dreamlike space in which they present an artistic collage of LZF’s Dune, Estela, and Eris lamps (all designed by Mayice). The concept is one based on finding spaces within spaces, and combines natural materials with organic shapes. Using sections from versatile wooden modules, Mayice built a home for an artist or a musician: perhaps LZF’s own founders—Mariví Calvo (a Spanish artist) and Sandro Tothill (an Australian musician). The space, an exercise in creativity, imagines the future by giving free rein to one’s own desires.

Casa Decor, Madrid

‘Utopia’ at Casa Decor. Photo by Nacho Uribesalazar.

In Mayice’s vision for ‘Utopia’, they playfully amalgamate a surreal mix of forms and colour: the result is a transformative space that’s both cheerful and inviting. The Dune, Estela, and Eris lamps, each with a perfect glass and wood symbiosis, are poetically expressed: their imaginative arrangements inspire curiosity in the observer.

Visitors to Casa Decor will find ‘Utopia’ at space 35-P4-08.


‘Utopia’ amalgamates a surreal mix of forms and colour. Photo by Nacho Uribesalazar.

Casa Decor

Visitors to Casa Decor will find ‘Utopia’ at space 35-P4-08. Photo by Nacho Uribesalazar.

About Casa Decor

Casa Decor is truly unique. Its journey began in 1992 when fifty design professionals adapted the empty rooms of an old convent on Salamanca’s Calle del General Oraá. Together they created a veritable catwalk of the latest design and interior design trends. In essence, Casa Decor offers design professionals a blank canvas on which to display their artistic flair. Beyond the many staid design fairs, it is a place where creativity is truly alive.

Calle Goya 89

Casa Decor at Calle Goya 89 in Madrid.

At Calle Goya 89, a range of designers have transformed the original rooms in this former home of Madrid’s bourgeoisie. From the entrance hall to the rooftop terrace, they have decorated fifty-seven distinctive spaces across seven floors. Visitors to Casa Decor (usually around 40,000 design devotees) will discover an enthralling mix of design genres, in an event that highlights the wonders of Spanish design.

In addition to ‘Utopia’, LZF’s lamps feature in several other spaces throughout Casa Decor.

Espacio Alvic by Hector Ruiz-Velázquez (space 24-P3-03) features Lens, Tomo, and Chou.

lens, tomo, chou

Lens Circular (left) and Tomo Table. Photo by Nacho Uribesalazar.

The Marta Labrador Space (space 38-P5-01) features LZF’s new Omma collection.

Emma, Casa Decor

Omma. Photo by Felipe Scheffel.

Espacio Porcelanite Dos: ‘Angels & Demons’ Front Desk by Alberto Aranda (space 37-P4-10) features Birdy, part of LZF’s Life-Size collection.


Birdy. Photo by Lupe Clemente.

Espacio Axor by Estudio Reciente (space 36-P4-09) features Estela.


Estela. Photo by Lupe Clemente.

The Bang & Olufsen Space by Cristina Remirez de Ganuza and Jerome Le Fouillé (space 19-P2-09) features I-Line. Photo by Felipe Scheffel.

I-Line. Photo by Felipe Scheffel.

As a part of #CasaDecorSostenible (Casa Decor’s sustainability effort), everything made for LZF’s ‘Utopia’ space will be reused: the wooden modules, linen textiles, and wool carpets. The clay paint, applied to the walls, will return to nature.

‘Utopia’ sponsors: Ecoclay, Kuatro Carpets, Athenea, and Formica.

Casa Decor runs until 22nd May 2022.