LZF’s latest lamp is Maruja, an original self-assembly pendant designed by the fresh-faced Gazpacho Studio. Working with LZF, Gazpacho has created an imaginative, contemporary, and decorative pendant. It is also LZF’s first fully flat-pack fixture.

Maruja by Gazpacho Studio. The sea breeze light in sea blue wood veneer.

Maruja at home, in a breezy sea blue wood veneer (left) and in soft pale rose (right).

Maruja, a name whose origins lie in Galicia (in north-western Spain), signifies both femininity and strength. Gazpacho Studio’s work is visual and sensitive, drawing upon long-established and contemporary techniques. Of particular importance, is the desire to attain recognition for traditional Spanish products and local production.

Maruja in pale rose wood veneer.

The do-it-yourself Maruja is packaged in kit form. It contains: wood veneer strips, in several sizes, a circular frame, and pins. The lamp is easily assembled, without the need for any tools or adhesives. Using a pin, each wooden strip is clipped onto the circular frame. Simply insert a light bulb and you will have created an elegant, handmade lamp.

Maruja in pale rose wood veneer.

Maruja’s classic chandelier-like silhouette is reminiscent of those found in Spanish palaces of old. The wood veneer strips hang and move freely—ruffled by a sea breeze, the effect is especially charming. And when illuminated, the lamp’s natural wood grain is beautifully accentuated across each and every strip.

Maruja with its classic chandelier-like silhouette, in beech wood veneer.

Maruja in sea blue. When illuminated, the natural wood grain is beautifully accentuated.

Gazpacho Studio was set up in 2018 by Kar Durán and Concha Rodrigo, with the collaboration of Miguel López, whose creative approach combines an experimentation with tradition and the present. Taking its name from gazpacho, the classic and vibrant Spanish dish, Gazpacho Studio encapsulates the essence of a fresh and healthy Mediterranean lifestyle, one that prizes local produce and knowhow. Moving away from prevailing fashions, the studio aims to capture and create long-lasting, emotional design.

Gazpacho Studio (L to R): Miguel López, Kar Durán and Concha Rodrigo

In Maruja, Gazpacho Studio has designed a simple, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally-friendly lamp. Once assembled from its initial flat-pack state, Maruja positively sparkles with life.

Maruja sparkling in white wood veneer.