As the year draws to a close, we often find ourselves reflecting on past events and future possibilities. While the LZF factory winds down for the festive break, it seemed like the ideal opportunity to say thank you for being a part of our journey throughout 2021. 

At LZF, everything we do is underpinned by the emphasis we place on ‘wood touched by light’. Every lamp that leaves our home here in Valencia is carefully crafted and sent into the world with love. Indeed, with LZF’s lamps finding homes across the globe, we are often asked about our most popular lights: LZF’s bestsellers. And so, to round off the year, we’ve compiled an LZF top ten.


LZF's bestsellers

LZF’s Koi in Kohakinho sushi restaurant. Photo by FTfoto photographic studio.

Koi is part of LZF’s Life Size series. This fantastical collection of larger-than-life lamps encapsulates a dedication to traditional artisanship and to design that is imbued with a sense of whimsy and humour. Created by Inocuo The Sign and Mariví Calvo, Koi is made in collaboration with master artisan Manolo Martin. The life-size luminaire is built with a traditional craft technique used by Fallas artisans, known as vareta. In Koi, LZF has achieved a remarkable contemporary sculpture that delights the imagination of children and adults alike.



A large Link pendant hangs in a private residence in Pennsylvania.

Designed by Ray Power, Link’s clever construction is inspired by the Möbius strip. With a billowy, cloud-like form, this dynamic lamp illustrates the creative potential of wood veneer in lighting design. An enthralling lamp, Link’s serpentine structure  captivates the eye. The large Link pendant is a popular choice with LZF’s clients and customers. Its medium size is also an LZF bestseller.


LZF Lamps | Swirl, Suspension Lamp Lamps | Wood touched by Light | Handmade Wood Lighting since 1994

Large Swirl pendants at La Monella Jewellers in Valencia.

Designed by Ray Power, Swirl excites the eye with its eddying and whirling folds. Power’s designs are typically based on geometry and a predilection for creating three-dimensional forms from two-dimensional materials. Decorative, punctilious, and unobtrusive, Swirl is a definitive example of Power’s approach to design. Clients and customers are especially in love with the large Swirl pendant. The small size is also an LZF hit.


LZF's bestsellers

The MiniMikado. One of LZF’s bestsellers.

Designed by Miguel Herranz, MiniMikado is inspired by the well known pick-up-sticks game. This game is named after the highest-scoring blue stick: ’Mikado’ (which is a title given to the Emperor of Japan). Appearing perfectly poised, the MiniMikado lamp is poetically expressed and elegant.


LZF's bestsellers

The medium Spiro pendant in a private home in Brisbane.

Designed by Remedios Simón, Spiro is a nod to 1960s op art, a style in which geometric shapes were used to generate optical illusions. Spiro’s outer shell contains a meticulous cluster of wood veneer spirals. The result is dynamic and offers the viewer a wonderfully visual experience. Spiro’s medium size is a favoured choice with LZF’s clients and customers.


The small Carambola.

Designed by Oskar Cerezo, Carambola is a lamp whose distinctive shape was inspired by the carambola fruit, also known as the star fruit. This fruit is commonly grown in southern China, India, and the Philippines—the Carambola’s design has an enchanting Eastern quality. Made using wood veneer and acrylic panels, Carambola is a pleasing and serene suspension lamp. Its small size is a particular favourite.

Black Note Keys

LZF's bestsellers

Black Note Keys in Teoina, a modern villa designed by Chiralt Arquitectos. Photo © Eva Pérez.

Designed by Ramón Esteve, Black Note Keys is a graceful, modern, and striking lamp. In Black Note Keys, perpendicular wood veneer shades rise and fall in harmony, their rhythmic arrangement inspired by the black keys on a piano. Shades are supported on a metal frame, available in a series of smart finishes. With its clever composition, Black Note Keys offers a symphony of light, texture, and pattern.


LZF's bestsellers

The simple, unfussy Nut is one of LZF’s bestsellers.

Designed by Ray Power, Nut is a simple and unfussy knot of light. The twisting and looping of natural wood veneer creates an elegant pendant. Nut’s familiar form is especially ideal for achieving a homely atmosphere.


LZF's bestsellers

A collection of Gea lamps at Barcelona-based imaginCafé.

Designed by Mariví Calvo, Gea is a wonderful all-rounder. Made using wood veneer with an acrylic diffuser, Gea is available as a suspension, wall, and ceiling lamp, in a number of sizes. The small version of Gea is a popular pick with LZF’s clients and customers. Radiating warmth, Gea is modest, smart, and self-possessed. This winning lamp will fit perfectly in a multitude of environments.


LZF's bestsellers

The eye-catching small Agatha lamp.

Designed by Luis Eslava Studio, Agatha is an eye-catching and sophisticated lamp. With a somewhat amorphous shape, this classic LZF lamp is made up of concentric whorls of handmade wood veneer strips. Agatha’s small size is a well-liked lighting fixture that truly blossoms.