Thesis: ‘a statement or theory that is put forward as a premise to be maintained or proved.’

Thesis table lamp

At LZF, we approach every aspect of our business with responsibility and accountability. We believe in the principle of less but better. We are not guided by trends: our collection is permanent and our handmade lamps are built to last. We know that any pursuit of keeping costs low serves no honest or useful purpose. In a world of fast design, mass consumption, and harmful waste, we believe in the absolute importance of manufacturing locally, in championing tradition, in a circular economy, and in promoting sustainability. 

This is our company’s thesis, a premise we wholly maintain and stand by.

Thesis table lamp, Ramón Esteve

In the now more than twenty-six years since LZF was founded, we have worked, with great effort, to create and build a successful lighting brand. That effort was, and continues to be, a collective endeavour. LZF is nothing without its artisans, artists, clients, collaborators, designers, innovators, makers, retailers, suppliers, team, and technicians. As a lighting manufacturer, we are committed to the use of time-honoured craft and manufacturing techniques, complemented by modern innovation and technology.

Thesis, technology

LZF is a company whose products are proudly handmade in Spain, a country notable for its craft heritage. We have made a conscious and deliberate choice to manufacture our lamps at home in Valencia. By working locally, we enjoy much greater control and flexibility over the design and creation of every lamp. In addition, we strive to mitigate our environmental impact. 

natural wood veneer, FSC certified

LZF’s lamps are made with FSC certified natural wood veneer, an eco-friendly material. FSC certification ensures timber is obtained from responsibly managed and sustainable forests, thus maintaining a forest’s biodiversity. Moreover, FSC forest certification is socially beneficial to local communities and economically viable—financial profit is not made at the expense of a forest’s resources. At LZF, we continually refine the manner in which our lamps are packaged and shipped: we use recycled cardboard boxes and package lamps in bags made from potato starch (a natural and biodegradable material).


As a central tenet of our thesis, at LZF we remain devoted to the exciting possibilities of wood touched by light.

The Thesis table lamp (pictured) was designed for LZF by Spanish architect Ramón Esteve.

Ramón Esteve, Thesis

Thesis table lamp

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