When LZF launched the Mini Chou, we also updated our colour palette with two new shades: sea blue and pale rose. 

Sea Blue

LZF was born in Valencia, a darling of the Mediterranean. For that reason, we chose ‘sea blue’ as a reflection of the Mediterranean Sea’s clear, blue water. The colour is serene and tranquil, and when illuminated, the sea blue wood veneer casts a soft, cheering glow: think of a warm summer’s day at the beach, a gentle breeze in the air, the sun’s rays kissing the water, painting it an inviting, animated blue.

The Mini Chou in sea blue wood veneer (switched off). The Mini Chou was the first LZF lamp to use the new sea blue colour.

The Mini Chou in sea blue (switched on). Notice the beauty of the wood’s natural grain.

LZF’s brand new Maruja lamp by Gazpacho Studio (pictured off, in sea blue wood veneer). Maruja will be launching soon—find more details here.

Maruja in sea blue (switched on).

Pale Rose

In ‘pale rose’ we find an elegant pink blush, a soft and subtle shade that does not command attention (an issue often attributed to showy pinks). When lit, the pale rose wood veneer is mellow and warm, the light caressing the air with affection.

LZF’s Nut pendant lamp in pale rose wood veneer (switched off).

The Nut lamp in pale rose (switched on), is an elegant knot of light.

LZF’s Lens Oval table lamp in pale rose (switched off), with a gold metal finish.

The Lens Super Oval (left) and Lens Oval (right), in pale rose with a copper metal finish.

Both fluid and emotional, the sea blue and pale rose colours add beauty and depth to an array of environments. Colour is an integral part of LZF, and we are embracing these new shades with open arms.