Söderberg & Partners, a company offering financial services across Scandinavia, Finland, and the Netherlands, has opened a smartly decorated office in Örebro, Sweden. Based over two floors in a newly built office building at Örebro’s sports arena, the bright workplace enjoys views of the small and historic city centre.

Söderberg & Partners

LZF’s Swirl and Agatha Ball in Söderberg & Partners’ Örebro office.

The interior design of the Örebro office was undertaken by Sweco Architects (a Swedish engineering and architecture company) in conjunction with employees from Söderberg & Partners. In a creative and collaborative workshop with the interior designers, employees identified a range of needs they felt the new office space should address. With a well-informed design brief, Sweco’s interior designers created a working environment unlike the lacklustre interiors typically associated with a financial services enterprise.

Söderberg & Partners

LZF’s Swirl, Nut, and Eris table in the Örebro office’s central core.

The new Söderberg & Partners office space is designed to be long-lasting, created to work now and in the future. An investment was made in using choice materials, furnishings, and fixtures, including lighting from LZF. The office layout was conceived to accommodate a variety of employee requirements. A smart central core provides an area for meetings and working together. A series of armchairs, tables, and greenery, arranged alongside a row of expansive windows, encourage concentrated working. A space known as ‘The Heart’ invites employees to unwind and have a break. Its pink hues offer a warm embrace and a place to take time out with colleagues.

‘The Heart’ featuring LZF’s Nut pendant.

A sharp and professional ambience is established throughout the office with the use of grey and black tones. This is tempered with a palette of warmer colours and natural woods, ensuring the overall space has a welcoming air. Lighting has been thoughtfully chosen, featuring a careful selection of LZF’s handmade wood veneer and hand-blown borosilicate glass lamps: Swirl, Agatha Ball, Nut, Eris suspension, and Eris table. The choice of LZF’s classic lamps adds character and depth to Söderberg & Partners’ well-crafted Örebro office.

Söderberg & Partners

LZF’s Swirl in an area that encourages concentrated working (with a glimpse of the Eris suspension in the far office).

Photography © Angelica Liljenroth.