LZF Dimmable LED lamps: from your Smartphone

Here at LZF we like to think of ourselves as romantic types. And this stretches beyond giving our partner a teddy bear with `I Love You´ printed across the belly, or a faux rose in a clear plastic tube.

But when the time comes for a really, really special occasion with our partner, we like to do things with the lights down real low (and Barry White humming along smoothly in the background).

This is where LZF’s new smartphone wireless dimming function is invaluable. So high-tech it was initially banned by the US military, the system allows you to dim your LZF lamp from your smartphone or tablet. This is a lot more subtle and dare we say – sexy – than jumping up off the sofa, tripping over the cat and fiddling with a wall control.

Utilising the latest bluetooth technology from Casambi ®, and in a next step toward democratising domotics, any LZF Lamp* can now be controlled from the palm of your hand. The technology allows you to do just about everything from your device (via the Free Casambi app). You can set scenes in which groups of lamps can be set to predefined levels, giving each scene the name you choose, dinner party, romantic, movie etc.

Simply take a snapshot of your lamp, then by selecting the image, Casambi makes it easy to dim the light delight to be domotic!

Apart from substantially increasing your odds of a romantic encounter, the system also makes you look sophisticated and cutting edge, so you can impress the hell out everyone at your next dinner party.

Bottom line: Your LZF smartphone wireless dimmable LED lamp will make you a much more interesting and sought after person.

* All new Integrated Dimmable LED models are already available with Bluetooth dimming, and standard models will all have Bluetooth dimming integration by the end of the year.