The cool, collected calm of a forest is transmitted through this year’s edition of the LZF stand. The design by Mayice and Marivi Calvo. 

Materiality and controlled light as the basis for the new collections inspired by nature. 

Designs that blend art with technology, creativity with functionality and beauty.


Voliere by Bodo Sperlein

The feathery light

Voliere is a contemporary reinterpretation of a classic 1920’s art deco chandelier. With its nod to elegant French art deco lighting design, Voliere’s intricately layered wood veneer elements are arranged in the manner of feathery plumes. Composed by Bodo Sperlein, Voliere showcases the designer’s appreciation of craft and materiality.

This sculptural lamp’s feather-like sections offer a unique perspective when viewed from different angles. Due to the carefully considered structure and materials, the Voliere is lightweight in design and authentically reflects the feather decor.

Voliere brings a touch of 1920’s glamour to contemporary interiors.

‘Voleire’ suspension lamp designed by Bodo Sperlein.


Osca by Bodo Sperlein

The cubist light

Osca is an architecturally inspired lamp with a cubist aesthetic. In the Osca suspension lamp, simple, interlocking three-dimensional wood veneer arches face both upwards and downwards, giving the lamp a uniquely sculptural form. Designed by Bodo Sperlein, Osca is a minimal collage of shapes.

In its table form, the Osca lamp makes use of a single three- dimensional wood veneer arch—the simple base mirrors the arch shape. The restrained design makes the Osca table lamp ideal for a wide variety of interiors.

‘Osca’ suspension lamp designed by Bodo Sperlein.

ASAP by Lucas Muñoz

The experimental light

The ASAP collection is uniquely experimental. Designed by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz, ASAP is defined by the designer’s belief in collaboration, where materials directly interact and work in conjunction. In ASAP, the shape of the natural wood veneer—with its folds, curves, spirals, or circles—is guided using copper rods. The lamp’s materials are honestly expressed: the rigid copper rods conduct electricity, the wood veneer diffuses light, and the terracotta base provides stability.

Experimenting with these materials, Lucas Muñoz Muñoz created a light that is noteworthy for its austere simplicity. A minimalist practice of technological sustainability, using primary materials of proximity, recyclable, and low voltage, with bases and supports made with 3D technology, evidencing a sophisticated lamp in the result, with all its components visible.

‘ASAP’ circular table lamp designed by Lucas Muñoz.


Candela by Candela Cort

The Value of the exclusive

The Candela lamp’s abstract composition reflects designer Candela Cort’s flamboyant career as a milliner. With this symbolic light, Candela alludes to the abstract artwork of the painter Wassily Kandinsky and his assiduous use of geometric form and colour.

The Candela lamp’s seemingly chaotic arrangement of geometric elements and strips speak figuratively of life itself: the geometric elements allude to the way in which things come about and the strips of red wicker pith signify maintaining balance.

At Candela, fashion merges with light in singular and unique illuminated works of art, which Candela Cort makes with her own hands as if it were a headdress. Each piece is numbered and signed by the artist.

‘Candela’ suspension lamp designed by Candela Cort.

Woodstraps by Summumstudio

The layered light

The Woodstraps lamp was created as a modular lighting concept by Summumstudio. Skilfully crafted from pressed wood veneer, the wood ‘straps’ are cleverly adjusted using buckles: the straps open wider by simply moving the buckles, so increasing the intensity of light emanating from the pod-like centre.

The remarkable Woodstraps lamp beautifully exemplifies the creative potential of wood veneer lighting.

Available in suspension and wall lamp versions, the versatility offered by the movement of its buckles provides the possibility of creating different atmospheres depending on the mood.

‘Woodstraps’ suspension lamp designed by Summumstudio.

Kactos by Ray Power

The cactaceous light

There is nothing prickly about Ray Power’s characterful Kactos lamp. With its cactus-like silhouette, the tactile, nature-inspired Kactos is available in both suspension and table versions.

To create the shape, panels of wood veneer are arranged in a vertical concave fashion around the light source and held in place by an acrylic frame. Each piece of veneer beautifully reflects the light from within this pleasing lamp.

‘Kactos’ suspension lamp designed by Ray Power.

Tiny by Ray Power

The happy-go-lucky light

The Tiny lamp by Ray Power is an utterly unassuming light with a classic silhouette. Made with just a single strip of wood veneer, wrapped twice around the light source, the happy-go-lucky Tiny has an instantly recognisable form.

In Tiny, the warmth of the natural wood veneer contrasts with the cold metal of its structure and handy handle, which allows us to place it wherever it’s needed.

‘Tiny’ table lamp designed by Ray Power.

Estela by Mayice

The capsule of light

Estela is a captivating capsule of light. In Estela, Mayice designed a clean, clear, single piece of borosilicate glass. Hand-blown by the accomplished artisan Eduardo Garuti, the glass envelopes a cylinder- like wood veneer diffuser. The wood veneer houses a dimmable LED light source, and a straight opening on one side emits light that is softened by the glass.

Offering a seamless connection between both glass and wood, Estela is a radiant lamp with a celestial-like quality. Estela’s natural imperfections, a characteristic of hand-blown glass, add to its warmth and elegance. Each lamp is signed by the artisan, Eduardo Garuti.

The new Estela floor version completes the family, wrapping the characteristic LZF natural wood veneer with a 170 cm high glass cylinder.

‘Estela’ floor and suspension lamps designed by Mayice.


Black Note Chandelier by Ramón Esteve

The rhythmic light

In a new composition, the wood veneer “keys” of the Black Note collection, designed by Ramón Esteve, are now configured to imagine a dramatic suspension chandelier. Furthermore, the different cylinder shades are distributed along its central axis, creating an evocative and protagonist centrepiece.

‘Black Note’ chandelier suspension lamp designed by Ramón Esteve.

Project Director: Mariví Calvo


Wardrobe: Sybilla

Macke up: Olivia Aguade