On the site of a once disused car park in Brooklyn, New York, an impeccable ‘social wellness lounge’ has been constructed. ‘WORLD SPA’ was imagined, designed, and created by the principals at Brooklyn-based BK Developers in collaboration with Brooklyn-based RYBAK Development. A project that was almost a decade in the making, the expansive three-storey wellness facility is considered an oasis of calm in the heart of Brooklyn.


Dune Horizontal (left) designed by Mayice; Poppy and Pod (right) designed by Burkhard Dämmer.

An expansive three-storey wellness facility.

Inspired by the bathing and wellness rituals of different cultures around the world, WORLD SPA incorporates a number of authentic spa experiences, including: the Eastern European banya, Finnish sauna, Turkish and Moroccan hammam, Himalayan Salt Room, and Japanese onsen. A ‘Clay & Hay’ sauna, infrared sauna, aroma sauna, and snow room, add to the extensive mix of experiences on offer.


Black Note Triplet (left) designed by Ramón Esteve; Cervantes (right) designed by Burkhard Dämmer.

Grand banya.

When creating WORLD SPA, BK Developers were keen to stress the need for authenticity. Relevant building materials and equipment were sourced and imported from their countries of origin. The walls, floor, and benches of WORLD SPA’s Moroccan hammam are adorned with a colourful array of mosaic tiles from Morocco. The Turkish hammam features Carrara marble and traditional Turkish tiles. In WORLD SPA’s varied saunas and banyas, the wood—kelo pine—was imported from Northern Europe.

Moroccan hammam.

Turkish hammam.

Extending the principle of authenticity, the equipment at WORLD SPA comes from leading European wellness manufacturers. Light and ambience are important to health and wellbeing, and BK Developers have incorporated a choice selection of LZF’s handmade wood veneer and hand-blown borosilicate glass lamps throughout the spa. Visitors to WORLD SPA can relax and unwind in sumptuous surroundings, in company with a discerning line-up of LZF’s lamps: the majestic Candelabro and ethereal Koi, Black Note Triplet and Black Note Duplet, Cervantes, Dune Horizontal, Banga, Poppy, and Pod.


Candelabro (centre) designed by Mariví Calvo; Black Note Duplet (on walls and columns) designed by Ramón Esteve.

Aroma sauna.

Reimagining urban wellness, WORLD SPA opens its doors to New Yorkers and visitors alike in November 2022.


Banga (Medium) designed by Yonoh Creative Studio.


Koi designed by Inocuo The Sign in collaboration with Mariví Calvo.

Photography by Brian Berkowitz and BK Developers.