LZF will showcase an edited collection of lamps during 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen. With a range of events taking place in venues across the Danish capital from 15–17 June 2022, 3daysofdesign is an annual festival that celebrates design, artistry, and creativity. A curated mix of Danish, Nordic, and international brands will offer visitors an opportunity to explore new collections and classic designs. At 3daysofdesign, LZF will present its Dune, Eris, Lens, Maruja, and Oh! Line luminaires.

3daysofdesign, Eris

The Eris table lamp was designed by Mayice.

LZF’s passion for lighting is ever-present: 365 days a year (and 366 in a leap year!). We want to enjoy three of those days with Copenhagen’s design community and visitors to the 3daysofdesign festival. Our lighting is more than a product—it’s a way of life. LZF shares many of the values and principles of time-honoured Danish design and Nordic design as a whole: a love for nature, respect for wood, the championing of craftsmanship and tradition, manufacturing locally, and promoting sustainability. 

3daysofdesign, Dune

Dune designed by Mayice.

3daysofdesign, Lens

Lens Circular Wall designed by MUT Design Studio.

Danish furniture and lighting design has a long and illustrious history, with heritage brands that are known, trusted, and held in high esteem throughout the world. LZF feels a kinship with much of Denmark’s design culture, where design leaves room for self-expression and is embraced by all. With each one of LZF’s handmade wood veneer lamps manufactured in Valencia, we give our all to every product. Made with love, our characterful lamps delight and inspire, finding a purpose and a place in many homes and spaces—a trait they share with much contemporary Danish design.

3daysofdesign, Maruja

Maruja designed by Gazpacho Studio.

3daysofdesign, Oh! Line

Oh! Line designed by Burkhard Dämmer.

Visitors to 3daysofdesign will find LZF’s collection of lamps in the Knights Hall at the Odd Fellow Palace on Bredgade 28, in the heart of Copenhagen. LZF’s lamps will feature alongside designs by other Spanish brands, as part of an initiative by ICEX Spain Trade and Investment, in collaboration with the Economic and Commercial Office of the Embassy of Spain in Denmark.