‘Highlights’ is a series of videos that blend music, prose, light, and ambience with typical LZF flair. Each short film showcases an important attribute of LZF, including its focus on sustainability, craftsmanship, a local and global outlook, history and development.

Conceived by Martínez Siesta and Paula Giménez, the ‘Highlights’ videos project images onto LZF’s new collection of lamps as well as a number of the company’s classic luminaires. Based on texts by wordsmith Grassa Toro, each video is narrated in a different language to reflect the global reach of LZF’s lamps. The short films are accompanied by a distinctive soothing soundtrack, each one crafted by LZF co-founder and musician Sandro Tothill. 


#1 Less But Better

A tree does not need 
to be taller than itself.
A bird only needs 
two wings to fly.
Light is weightless: 
we learn from nature,
we create it naturally.

#2 Pleasure of Doing

A handmade object 
holds the memory 
of a human breath, 
of a human heartbeat.
Each of our lamps 
contains a moment of life.

#3 Glocal

We draw, we think, we build,
we converse, we welcome,
we are a world within a house.
And then one day:
we travel, we cross borders, we translate,
we reveal, we exchange, we export:
we are a house within a world.

#4 Journey

Since 1994, we have had an average of 22 ideas per day,
we have said the word luzifer 217,656 times; that’s a good record, 
we have embraced 91,250 different people. 
We have more than 200 different lamps in our catalogue 
and we haven’t made a star yet.

Described as ‘a valuable values series’, ‘Highlights’ is the second campaign for LZF by Martínez Siesta and Paula Giménez. In 2021, they created ‘Twenty-Four Hours’, a series of short films that spotlighted ten LZF lamps and the different ways in which individuals live with them. The campaign was a finalist in the  the ADCV Awards 2022.

Listen to the Highlights soundtracks on SoundCloud.


‘Highlights’ is a project by Martínez Siesta and Paula Giménez for LZF.
Words by Grassa Toro.
Music by Sandro Tothill.
Thanks to Cristina Ródenas.