LZF has, through the years, achieved the goal of creating eco-friendly and sustainable design. All these years in the illumination sector couldn’t have been possible without the trust our customers keep placing on us. We have worked hard and steady to bring always the best of our work in the shape of our distinctive wood veneer lamps.

Wanting to make an eco-friendly statement with it, we choose to work FSC® Certified wood as part of our identity, too.

Escape lamp by LZF Lamps in cluster


Enveloping light with wood.

Enveloping light with wood was an idea that spontaneously came up, and it felt–and still does– the most natural thing in the world. From our factory, LZF Lamps tries to make a difference combining design with a real concern about our environment and its needs.

As many creatives, we like to work without boundaries but, the way we use our planet’s resources can actually make a difference. In LZF we want to be a brand that carried the values of sustainability and ecology within it.

Agatha lamp by LZF Lamps got her name by the celebrated British author Agatha Christie.

Wood is the prime material of our work and, by the same token, conscious of our environment’s limitations, we wanted to make a statement while working with it. Are you wondering how is that possible? Keep reading.

FSC® Certified wood: working responsibly

For us, there was one way to use wood responsibly: to become a brand FSC Certified. So, what does the FSC® Certification mean? It stands for Forest Stewardship Council: an organization that guarantees all the wood used at LZF is eco-friendly.

None of these timbers came from exploited or damaged areas but from controlled forests whose mission is to provide wood for manufacturing a wide range of our distinctive lamps. Their loops, twists and organic vibe couldn’t be possible without wood.

We made the decision of using FSC® Certified wood as the way to tell the world the importance of our commitment with the wider eco-system. This way, we can state we are trying our best to help by not damaging wild forest areas or protected natural parks while producing our lamps.

Wood veneers by LZF Lamps

Being FSC® Certified wasn’t a decision made for the scoop at any time. This decision just seemed the right thing to do for us and, at the same time, gave us the opportunity to work responsibly and carefully. Choosing wood as a message and not only focusing on the aesthetic part of it has been part of our identity ever since the beginning of LZF Lamps.

As there is still a long way to go until things can be done completely eco-friendly, we will continue to do our bit to help while proving our dear costumers with high-end lamps that act as sculptural objects too.