As iF

At LZF we don’t like to boast. Well, actually we do. And we love a nice shiny trophy too. This is why we’re tickled pink at picking up not one, but two gongs this week!

And not just any gongs either. We are talking the big time.

Envelope please…and the winner is…LZF for the Asterisco and Chou timber lamps.

Yes indeed. Our team has just won two ridiculously prestigious iF Product Design Awards and we couldn’t be happier.

The Asterisco, designed by Cuatro Cuatros is named for the typographical symbol that resembles a star. Which is quite apt, because this very funky table lamp with its red umbilical cord has become our own little star after wowing the iF judges.

Ditto, the Chou, by Yonoh studio creativo, inspired by the film The World of Susie Wong brings mysterious tales of the Far East into any room of the house. The iF judges certainly thought so too.

It was way back in 1954 when the very first iF Product Design Award was introduced, and since then it has been conferred annually by the International Forum Design, attracting more than 2000 entries from more than 37 nations.

We are proud as punch to be in such esteemed company.

lzf-lamps-asterisco-if-design-awards-2015-cuatro-cuatros lzf-lamps-chou-if-design-awards-2015-yonoh